We provides a software training with latest technologies, like Cloud Computing, Hadoop, Android, IOS, Advance Java, PHP frameworks required by top MNC.

We have an experts of having approx 10 years of experience and ex. Emp. of IBM, Accenture, Infosys, TCS, Wipro & many more. We have a team from Nokia, CISCO, NITTTR, CSIO for an experts technical guidance.

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Android Syllabus

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  1. Core Java, Installation & Hello World Programt
  2. Unary Operators & Control Statements, Boxing & Unboxing
  3. Arrays
  4. Basics on Methods
  5. Simple Class & Object (Forward Reference Issue)
  6. Memory Management-Heap/Stack
  7. Static Initialization Block(SIB)
  8. Using Static Members in different classes
  9. Instance Initialization Block(IIB)
  10. Wrapper Classes
  11. Generics Classes, Interfaces & Methods
  12. Scanner Class
  13. Android Basics
  14. Introduction to Android
  15. What is Android?
  16. Setting up development environment
  17. Application Structure
  18. Resources &
  19. Values – strings.xml
  20. Basic UI Design
  21. Adapters and Widgtes
  22. Adapters
  23. Array Adapters
  24. Base Adapters
  25. Shapes drawablesState drawables Multimedia
  26. Broadcast Receivers
  27. Toast, Alarms
  28. Live Folders
  29. XML Parsing
  30. Maps via intent and Map Activity
  31. GPS, Location based Services
  32. Network Connectivity Services
  33. Sensors