Cyber security

Develop a deeper understanding of modern information.

Cyber Security Syllabus

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  1. Overview of the course
  2. Brief history of the field: why study cybersecurity as an economics problem
  3. Economics for engineers
  4. Economics of information goods
  5. Security engineering for economists
  6. How t measure cybersecurity?
  7. Metric in practice
  8. Data collection and processing
  9. Case study: security metrics for botnet mitigation by ISPs
  10. Security strategies
  11. Reasons t invest in security for "security providers"
  12. Reasons t invest in security for "security consumers"
  13. Optimal information security investment
  14. Security cost and benefits
  15. Security/investment metrics
  16. Gordon–Loeb model & extensions
  17. Timing of security investments
  18. Risk management
  19. Risk acceptance vs. avoidance
  20. Risk mitigation
  21. Risk transfer: Cyber insurance
  22. Operational security management
  23. Secure software development, patch management, incident management,
  24. forensics, maybe identity management
  25. Market Failures
  26. Indirect Intermediary Liability
  27. Case study: cooperation and information sharing
  28. Phishing takedown
  29. The role of intermediaries
  30. Case study: payment card industry
  31. Introduction t behavioral economics
  32. The heuristics and biases tradition
  33. Applying behavioral economics: consumer behavior and deception
  34. The behavioral economics of privacy
  35. Security economics and policy
  36. Project Development