Core Java & Advance Java

Java course covers OOPS, SQL Database, Creating GUI desktop application and Developing advance Web Applications.

Java Syllabus

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  1. Core Java, Installation & Hello World Programt,Unary Operators & Control Statements.
  2. Boxing & Unboxing, Arrays, Basics on Methods, Simple Class & Object (Forward Reference Issue).
  3. Static Initialization Block(SIB), Using Static Members in different classes, Instance Initialization Block(IIB).
  4. Mixing Static, Non-Static Members, Inheritance, Constructor Chaining, this & super Keyword, final keyword
  5. Packages, Access Specifiers, Polymorphism, Auto up casting & Explicit down casting, Abstract class & Interface.
  6. String: String Basics, Usage of String Methods,
  7. Deadlock, Inter Thread Communication, Thread Lifecycle
  8. Object class: String & equals, hash code & clone, Reflection API
  9. Collection API: Collections Class, List & Array List, Set & Map, Stack & Queue
  10. File Handling: File, Reader and writer, Streams, Customizing S.O.P
  11. Result Set Meta Data & Data Base Meta Data, Transaction Usage
  12. Stored Procedure & Callable Statements, JDBC 2.0 features, JDBC 3.0 features
  13. Development in eclipse with Request Dispatcher
  14. Send Redirect, Request Attribute Management
  15. Introduction to Spring, Spring Architecture, Understanding about AOP, IOC & DI.
  16. Introduction to AJAX, XMLHttpRequest Object, Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest, AJAX in Web Application.
  17. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap.